IntegriSite offers a full array of site development services to the wireless telecommunications industry.  Our goal is to provide solutions to the challenges that you face in your network deployment projects.  From wireless carriers to broadband service providers, when you need your network deployed on time and under budget, IntegriSite is the company you can count on.  Choose from the list of service offerings below to find the IntegriSite solution that best fits your needs.

Site Development Services

• Market Analysis / Search Area Analysis

• Site Acquisition

• Zoning

• Permitting

• Project Management

Our Site Development services are designed to take you from site identification through notice to proceed with construction.  First our preliminary analysis of the area allows you to target and maximize collocation opportunities.  Next our site acquisition professionals identify candidate sites that meet your coverage objectives.  With our project management services, we will coordinate site acquisition, zoning and permitting in order to compress timelines.

Asset Management Services

• Wireless Site Marketing

• Wireless Site Leasing

• Wireless Site Compound Maintenance

• Zoning Audits


Our Asset Management services are geared toward maximizing the benefits of site ownership by increasing return on investment.  Our marketing and leasing services help you to generate revenue on your infrastructure assets through collocations.  Our site maintenance service in combination with our zoning audit service, ensures that your compound remains in compliance with local zoning requirements for landscape maintenance.  Our goal is to assist you in increasing the overall value of your network real estate portfolio.

Ancillary Services

• Lease Renegotiations

• Overlay Projects / Antenna Modifications

• File Audits / Site Audits

• Site Acquisition Training

• Consulting

All of our Ancillary services are designed to not only enhance our core service offerings, but also to help you solve the challenges that occur between major projects.  Whether you are going through a system optimization that requires lease renegotiations and amendments, or just renewing ground leases due to expire next year, we can provide professional consulting services with quality that you can count on.